In grammer 02, we will learn how to say something is something else.


です  is a copula which is used to equate two things.  It's one of the regular forms in Japanese. です can act like the English "to be" in the sense that です is used to explain who or what something or someone is.

Example sentence 

私(わたし)は学生(がくせい)です。 ( I am a student. )

これは猫(ねこ)です。( This is a cat. ) 

象(ゾウ)は大(おお)きいです。( Elephants are large. )


上野さん:これは何ですか? ( What's this? )

山内さん:これはお茶です。 ( It's tea. )

上野さん:ああ、そうですか。( Oh, i see)


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